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  • Campers should reach an introductory understanding of what it means to philosophise and think about philosophical questions. This framework should be applicable to any such questions, not restricted only to what was covered during camp. 

  • Campers should become equipped with the skills necessary to critically examine and scrutinise the positions held by others, whether their peers, authority figures, or society at large. 

  • Campers should leave equipped with the skills to question their own assumptions about the world we live in and think critically about it, ultimately being able to form their own rational conclusions of their saliency 

  • Campers will engage with and critically access key texts in the history of philosophy, understanding their insight and impact on our lives.


  • Uses games to introduce campers to philosophical thinking (20 minutes) - A short lesson on a different area of philosophy (20 minutes) 

  • Educational activities which spur engagement with lesson material (15 minutes) - Progress toward working on their capstone project (10 minutes) 

  • Review of previous camp material to keep campers’ philosophical skills sharp (10 minutes)


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